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Marketing Technology as a Strategic Asset

Learn How Leading Marketing Executives Are Approaching Their Technology Stacks. Marketing technology can be simultaneously empowering and overwhelming. It unleashes new opportunities to create more personalized customer experiences, optimize... ...Read more

Accelerating API Delivery

However, if your service design is good, but the performance of the service is bad or it cannot be evolved fast enough to meet changing market conditions then your... ...Read more

DevSecOps Crucial to Compliance and Risk Management Strategy

Ryan Riggs elaborates on DevSecOps importance to compliance and risk management strategies. ...Read more

API Products as a Driver of Business and IT Convergence

There are two major challenges with applying the concept of Productization to APIs: 1. It is not a natural concept for most technologists and delivery prioritization is generally focused... ...Read more

Marketing Technology—A Strategic Approach to Drive Business Value

Each day, technology makes more impact in more areas of our lives—marketing is no different. Marketing technology (MarTech) allows companies to better understand and talk with their customers. Furthermore,... ...Read more

5 Ways Startups Can Use Consultants Well: Part 1

In this series of posts, we’ll take a look at how startups can get the most of consultants. Working With Consultants Not just for the big fish Startups are... ...Read more

7 Steps to Successfully Implement Sales Enablement Tools

Highspot recently published reports from three leading analyst firms listing 52 companies with sales enablement technologies. Clearly, sales enablement capabilities are top of mind for many companies these days.... ...Read more

Martech Stack Award

Assembling the right martech stack to support seamless digital customer experiences can be a tall order—especially with more than 3,500 solutions to consider. Thanks to the MarTech Conference’s annual Stackie... ...Read more

Make Content Marketing Effective: Choose the right KPIs – Part 3

Measuring content marketing effectiveness is a growing priority for many organizations as they try to justify increases in content marketing spend. With only 30% of marketers claiming their programs... ...Read more

Why Your Sales Initiatives Won’t Work (And What to Do About It)

Sales organizations have been trying to ‘crack the sales code’ ever since selling became a profession. Every few years someone comes up with a new sales methodology that claims... ...Read more