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POSTED : octubre 25, 2019
BY : Dave Wieneke

The Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) is just around the corner. One of the hottest conferences for those working in the healthcare marketing landscape, HCIC promises to bring together big ideas surrounding marketing, information technology, websites, eHealth, mHealth, and big data to advance the digital transformation of healthcare. Here are some quick takes on sessions and people we’re looking forward to seeing in Orlando.

Voice and conversational interface is trending

Derek Phillips, Content Strategy Practice Director at PK, and I have been on the road talking with health enterprises leaders about creating experiences based on voice and conversational interfaces. Designing interactions for voice (think Alexa) and conversational interfaces (think chat) require a new way of thinking about content and interaction design. We’re thrilled that this is such a big theme this year at HCIC.

Creating a content strategy for re-use: in voice, chatbots, HRAs and more

In my opinion, no organization has done more creative work on voice than Thomas Jefferson Health. Rob Neff, the Vice President of Digital Solution Development there, is in a position to discuss some of the boldest voice work in healthcare.

The panel also includes Scott Schuster, Program Director of Emerging Trends & Consumer Technology at Northwestern Medicine, which is a team that has built a leading website through iterative development. Rounding out the panel is Abhi Sharma, VP of Product at Loyal, a firm that offers conversation and data intelligence platforms for healthcare. Ahava Leibtag of Aha Media Group, will facilitate.

Ideas into action: Developing an omni-channel platform to build and manage the voice recognition experience

Want to help patients find the closest urgent care, learn about wait times, and skip the wait by reserving their spot in line using the power of voice? Ara Telbelian has been driving this kind of progress at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. I’ve enjoyed his presentations and insights for years, and this one doesn’t look to disappoint.

Delivering on the promise of an empowered digital experience

Indiana University has become an inventive consumer marketer. We’re looking forward to hearing Jeremy Rogers, their Executive Director of Digital Marketing, discuss how they took on the hard work of becoming found in voice search, while building conversational interfaces in their digital experiences. He’ll be joined by Brian Gresh, the President of Loyal and former Executive Director of Content and Digital at Cleveland Clinic.

Leading change takes brave leaders

Your website is not your digital front door: How to prepare for discoverability in a voice-first landscape

This is my favorite session title of HCIC. Carrie Liken has a great take on getting the right information in front of consumers, even if they never see your website. She will be presenting with Courtney Cox Wakefield of Children’s Health, who our team looks to as a breakthrough marketer and change agent.

Let’s talk taxonomy panel: Tips to help optimize your digital user experience

If you’re not already excited about taxonomy, you’re going to be. Three of our favorite frontline marketing leaders are going to have a nuts-and-bolts discussion on exactly how taxonomy makes digital experiences better.

You’ll hear the recently retired Neal Linkon of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Mike Walsh of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Aaron Watkins of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Best practices of the modern healthcare marketer … Google-style

David Feinberg is a healthcare marketing veteran and the CMO of HDX Report leader Mt. Sinai Hospital. He’s co-presenting with Brian Cusack from Google, who is a thought leader on digital health marketing.

From wayfinding to storytelling: Taking control of the Google Business Profile

Do you know Lisa Williams? You should. I look forward to her HCIC teaching each year. The team she leads at OHSU is building a great brand that is one of the most loved organizations in Oregon. Our team helped hers prototype in-person wayfinding ideas years ago, and I’m looking forward to hearing how they’re using Google Profiles to support patient journeys.

Integrate data into your health content strategies

Amanda Todorovich runs one of the largest and most successful content teams among national health systems. She’ll share insights on how Cleveland Clinic built its content operations as a vital part of the health system’s transformation.

New voices for digital-first marketing leadership

Patient-first experiences must be inclusivity-first

Hear about the inclusive design process that Katie Sullivan and the team Spaulding Rehabilitation took to create more useful and impactful experiences for rehabilitation patients and their families.

What’s up, Doc? Engaging physician feedback for site improvements

Physicians often lack a formal voice to influence website content and functionality. Learn from Paul Semper and Dina Nikitaides on how Northwestern Medicine formalized a Physician Testing Group as part of their website design and management process.

Leveraging your CMS to do more than just manage content

Specturm Health in Lakeland, Michigan uses their Content Management System (CMS) to drive their website and digital signage for visitors across their locations. Hear from their CMO, Megan Yore, on how this is creating better patient experiences and saving money.

Using data analytics to inform and optimize your website redesign

Learn how Vanderbilt University Medical Center used structured data, web analytics, and funnel measurement to transform their web marketing. Director of Strategic Marketing, Travis Waters, will share how they improved search results, user experience improvements, and the team’s ability to give management meaningful reporting.

The case for podcasting in healthcare

Jared Johnson is hardly a new voice in healthcare marketing. But after leading innovative digital work at several health systems, he is a new resource, consulting to hospital marketing leaders. He’s built a well-known podcast on healthcare marketing, and is a great advocate for getting more diverse ideas into the healthcare conversation.

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