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Cómo diseñamos, construimos y manejamos el futuro

Hemos pasado las últimas dos décadas construyendo experiencias de extremo a extremo para las marcas más grandes del mundo, experiencias que generan resultados significativos, más rápidos y que son... ...Read more

Utility Digital Experience Index

THE UTILITY DIGITAL EXPERIENCE INDEX ASSESSES TOP UTILITY WEBSITES The Utility Digital Experience (UDX) Index provides an objective and informed view of best practices, emerging solutions and performance of... ...Read more

Predicting Hospital Readmission Using AI

Since 2012, hospitals have been penalized nearly $1.9 billion due to excess patient readmission rates. The costs are even higher when considering poor patient outcomes. In our healthcare white... ...Read more

Por qué somos expertas en momentos que importan

Después de estar en el hospital, obtener la autorización para irse a casa puede ser liberador y, a la vez, inductor de ansiedad al mismo tiempo. Lo que viene... ...Read more

Let’s Get Phygital: Customer Experience (CX) in an Omnichannel Universe

Ten Ways to Connect with Customers in an Omnichannel Universe Customers aren’t connecting with businesses the way they did even a year or two ago. It’s difficult to overstate... ...Read more

¿Qué es la experiencia en ingeniería?

PK es la firma de ingeniería de experiencia. Si no está familiarizado con nuestro trabajo, probablemente se esté preguntando: “¿Qué es la ingeniería de experiencia?” Más que un eslogan,... ...Read more

The End of the Unsubscribe

How leading subscription services use digital engagement to keep their customers happy and renewing. Brands jumping into the world of subscription services often make the mistake of funneling a... ...Read more

Reflecting on 10 years of the New England Sitecore User Group

On October 16, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the New England Sitecore User Group meetup. The group, or #NESUG as it’s come to be known, was created by... ...Read more

What is a front-end developer these days?

The web as we know it is changing. The technologies, the software that they power and the talented minds that write them have all been experiencing a dramatic shift... ...Read more

How we approach digital experience design

One of PK’s guiding principles is that the best digital experiences are human experiences. To this end, our experience design team collaborates in ways to ensure that our clients achieve... ...Read more